2 yr. old sees ghost

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It appears to me that about 1:01 to 1:03 I can see a dark figure in the window behind her—Donald



2 thoughts on “2 yr. old sees ghost

  1. I definitely do see a shadow like in the hallway area, but that could of been a ligit person. The mom is also not just asking questions, she seems to me to be also giving answers for the child. The only thing that the baby keeps saying consistently is the man is black (I’m taking as in shadow, not color) and his name is Meso (at least that what its sounds like to me been a ling time since I’ve had to deal with child talk) The child could be saying Mister, but whatever she is sticking to her guns about that. I had this same type of experience happen to me also my girl was 2. I and my mother was sitting in my moms living room, my baby girl was playing under the diningroom table, I heard the screen door open and close, turned to my mom, now this whole time Emily my baby was looking down the entrance hall to the door. I said to mom someone’s come in, thinking one of the many people who just walked end my moms apartment. The next words out of my 2 year old mouth sent chill down my spine. She said and I quote”Don’t worry its Grandma Gray”. Now my dads mom had passed a few months before, and she was living with my mom and dad. But, the weird thing is my family NEVER called my grandma grandma Gray, we called her Nana Gray. I called her Nan. Needless to say my daughter and I are empatic.. I think its from my Native American background. My dads grandma was full blooded Indian. Sorry, I took so much of your time Dr. Ryles.

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