2012—Nibiru facts and secrets

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2 thoughts on “2012—Nibiru facts and secrets

  1. The images of a “planet” near the sun are either lens flares, existing planets in the solar system or sun dogs.
    Besides that, the Mayans never mentioned Nibiru or anything like it.
    Zacharia Sitchin told us the Sumerian prophecy day is 2900 not 2012.
    There is no such thing as North Antarctica.
    And, lastly, pole shifts are magnetic not physical. You are thinking about crust displacement which is highly unlikely.

  2. I can honestly say that I have seen Nibiru with my own eyes. In a dream I had before I ever known about this whole concept of a new secret planet called Nibiru. I had never heard of Nibiru but over the course of three nights I had Apocolyptic dreams and in the very first one I dreamt of an abnormally large planet very very close to earth like closer than the moon. This planet in my dream had not yet caused harm but it was visible from the ground and just there in the sky so big that it crossed under the horizon with most of it over the horizon. I just stood there observing it in the night sky illuminated as the suns rays reflected an orangish rusty hue off it. This dream was unexplainable to me and this is when I began sharing what I had seen in this vision. A couple years ago I began hearing rumors about Mayan prophecy and Illuminati and this is when I started to actually learn of the so called facts about Nibiru. I have to admit there are some weird rumors going around however I feel a deep knowing in my heart that Nibiru will pass uncomfortably close to the Earth. In another dream shortly after that I saw a vision of airplanes spinning out of control and crashing but only they didnt burn they for some reason bursted into splashes of water as they hit the ground and I was in a car on the freeway watching this. Then in my final dream a second moon appeared glowing blue right next to our actual moon. It was obvious that there was a visible spacecraft attatched to this blue moon and I saw the thrusters fire flames out as it moved closer to the moon then it impacted and began pushing against the moon manipulating it to the left of my field of vision. I cant explain how I saw these visions or why but it seems as if they were forewarnings. I now believe that these events will happen because I had these dreams so long before I had any actual knowlege of these things. I dont expect anyone to believe this but I know there are others who have had similar dreams. I never had dreams that other people have had and I think that people should take heed to those of us who have. I pray that these dreams are comfirmed before its too late but I fear it will come as a suprize to most people.

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