CBS Reports Obama Has Won Election…And Even Vote Count…2 Weeks Ago !!!

Not sure if this is fact or hoax, but I thought you would find it of interest . If anyone knows if this is real or not please comment below.

Who Controls YOUR Reality ?…read more



  1. We are in a ‘cast holodeck world’, a holodeck which is controlled by signals from the moon, a holodeck image cast on the inside a ‘living matrix’s gravitational field’ which correspond with surface changes of the true earth’s surface. Outside this field is the real world, a world we would refer to as a celestial reality, and though our reality correspond with the celestial reality, choices in the celestial reality rules. Maybe this video is true, maybe it was staged for our benefit to help wake a people up. But who ever steps out as president to us to night, was already  known in the celestial reality.

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