The Returning Ouija Board By Donald Ryles—A True Story From My Childhood




One of my earliest…and still one of the most unexplainable experiences…deals with a used Ouija board I got when I was about 9 years old . My Mother had taken me to an Estate Sale and there was a box of toys and games . She told me to pick one out and for some reason I picked out a Ouija board . Neither of us knew much about it . I think I liked it since I had heard of one somewhere . Later that night I got it out of my closet and asked her to “play” it with me . She read the instructions and we tried it for about 20 mins. and nothing happened . We both got bored and I took it back to my closet and got something else to play with . A few days later I asked her if she wanted to play the Ouija again . She said that nothing had happened before so she didn’t think it was much of a “game” . I convinced her to try again and she did . After a few minutes this time it began to spell words . As most anyone who has ever used a Ouija for the first time knows you usually start accusing each other of moving the pointer . She told me to stop moving it and I told her I wasn’t moving it…she was…and she said no she wasn’t . We calmed down and began asking questions and it began to answer . I asked who it was and it said a name . I asked where it was and it said something like “I am outside “ . This went on for a while and then it stopped answering questions and just began to talk . It said it hated us and that it was evil . It said it would murder us . My mother looked at me and said why are you saying these things . I swore to her that I wasn’t . It kept spelling out curse words and threats until she pushed it off of her lap and said she wanted it out of the house immediately . It truly scared her . I think I was a bit too young to truly understand it all. She took it outside and placed it in the trash . When she came back inside she told me she was sorry that she threw my game away , but that she would get me a better one . I asked her if I could have a GI Joe doll instead and she said yes . The matter was forgotten and I looked forward to getting the GI Joe . A few days after the trash had been picked up I was playing in my room and my Mother walked in and announced “ Well I guess you didn’t want the GI Joe doll did you ?” . I said , “ Yes , I do want it…what are you talking about ?” . She said , “ While I was cleaning your room today I found that Ouija board in your closet…Why did you get it out of the trash ?”. I told her that I hadn’t gotten it out of the trash and that I didn’t even like it . She didn’t believe me . She said , “ You know that scared me but you brought it back in and tried to hide it” . She took the board out for a second time and told me I better not get it out this time . I started to cry and told her that I hadn’t gotten it out of the trash and that I didn’t know how it got back in my closet . I asked her to please let me get the GI Joe . She just told me that I couldn’t have one since I had went against her wishes and brought the Ouija back into the house . This time the Ouija stayed gone , but whatever damage was to be done had already occurred . The house became paranormally active and stayed that way until we moved about 7 years later …

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11 thoughts on “The Returning Ouija Board By Donald Ryles—A True Story From My Childhood

    • Yes she most definitely believed me later…lol. My Father did as well and he was the kind of person who was certain there was no such things as “ghosts” . He was the kind of man that nothing or no one scared him until he had his own experience one night .

      • Do you mind telling us what your dad experience? Was it in the house? gladys lol

      • ok thanks, i will wait for it.
        I collect ouija boards all sizes, materials and shapes and pendulums with pendulum boards. I have used some but I did not get a negative experience and i did not get addicted to use them. I put them away and I am still collecting them and putting them away someday i will display them all for the public to see. many blessings gladys

  1. Aw, I feel sad for you not getting the GI Joe doll. I know so many people with scary stories about ouija boards. I won’t use one though people have tried to get me to.

  2. When I was in high school (a “few” years ago), my younger brother’s friend brought his board to play at our house. It just sat there when my brother touched it, but when I started asking questions, it would fly. It got to a point where I didn’t even need to say a question out loud. All I had to do was think it. The pointer was flying & I think the boy got scared because he moved his fingers off the pointer. I literally flew back and hit the wall. It felt like I had been hit by lightning. He took the board & went home. A few weeks later, he gave me the board, said it wouldn’t work anymore for him. Since then, I’ve moved nearly a dozen times & lived in three different States. I’ve lost many items during those moves, but not the board. It’s still in my attic. Told the kids to never touch it, but teenagers know everything. Our house is pretty active now. Not thrilled with that.

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