Michael Jackson , John Lennon , Selena —All In Hell ?

This video has been brought to my attention by several sources . At about 1 min. one of the teens is shown & speaks through an Interpreter . What are your thoughts ?

The Chosen Few Control Their Reality…Do You ?…See This

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5 thoughts on “Michael Jackson , John Lennon , Selena —All In Hell ?

  1. First, these idiots are totally delusional and would possibly be part of the witch trials back when the Salem witch hunt was well underway. #2 We do not know the status of any of these actors, singers and entertainers, and for these idiots to claim they saw any of these fine entertainers in hell is first disrespectful of the memories of these fantastic people. They may not like these performers, and that is their right, but it is not their right to trash the memories of John, Michael or Selena. Up to this point I have loved your posts, and the stories. But, this has gone a bit too far.

    • What I mean is, we do not know the religious status of any of these entertainers. Did they believe in god, were they christian? We don’t know, only those that were close to them would. I am sorry I am harsh about these teens, but there it is..

  2. Michael Jackson is not dead like many other actresses and actors and performers , they just get tired of their lives being an open book. Give them the truest respect any fan can give their heros and that is let them have peace to live out their days with normalcy. BLESSINGS TO ALL

  3. I don’t give these stories any credence…like Lleo, I think they are delusional…..I don’t buy it.

    • Absolutely. I am still very upset about this because I loved John, and Michael, and for their memories to be tarnished by these kids is down right defamation. Thanks for the support. 🙂

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