Is Pope Francis St Malachy False Prophet Fulfilled—Peter The Roman ?

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7 thoughts on “Is Pope Francis St Malachy False Prophet Fulfilled—Peter The Roman ?

  1. Pronounced A-see-see not A-sissy…he was in Israel OR Argentina or whatever…the lack of details is annoying. But he could be Peter the Roman…yet I have a very good feeling about him. I DID NOT like Benedict at all..he looked like a vampire. Anyway…??? It is good when different religions get together and practice love and tolerance after all that is what is supposed to be about. Ecumenical meetings are certainly not new and have been going on for a very very long time. I gather you are not very learned about religion.

  2. Yes, Saint Francis of Assisi’s birth name was Francesco di Petro di Bernadone meaning in italian Francis the son of Peter of Bernadone….if that doesn’t fulfill Malachy’s vision I don’t what does. I dont know if he is a false prophet but he will feed the flock under great tribulation and Rome, code word for babylon, will be destroyed and then the end will come.

  3. Pope Francis’s parents are Italian Immigrants who migrated to Buenos Aires– Italian equals Roman

  4. No his name was Giovanni di Bernadone, he was baptized as that but “knick name” Francis by his father Pietro. The interesting part of the prophesy is in understanding it more as a riddle:
    “There will sit Peter the Roman” means there will sit a pope…. “Who will pasture his sheep” this is the direct reference to St Francis of Assisi – thePatron St. Of Animals …. And this would explain why Cardinal Jorge took the name Francis after St.Francis of Assisi. The seven hills can refer to Rome Or they can refer to the 7 churches… & how they were being reprimanded by Paulin the Bible for their lack of Faith. In the end those churches were judged as will ours be.

  5. Remember Malachy set Peter the Roman apart from the actual “numbered” Popes–many scholars suggest this could mean that there might be any number of popes in between Benedict and Peter.

  6. Joseph Ratzinger looked like a vampire, yes, but one shouldn’t judge somebody only by his face. Bergoglio is more secret, looks very “modern”, humanistic, but only God knows his heart.

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