Alien Message Found In The Bible ?

What Is The Major Difference Between The Haves And The Have Not’s ?
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2 thoughts on “Alien Message Found In The Bible ?

  1. Why did Moses keep the freed Hebrew slaves in the desert for 40 years?
    By Art Greenfield

    Moses was asked to keep the newly freed slaves out in the desert for 40
    years by the Repto Sapien overlords. The big clue was what the people were
    asked to do once they left the desert and entered the Promised Land. A Repto Sapien
    pretending to be God told Joshua to bring down the walls of Jericho,
    and slay every man, woman, and child in the city. Who benefits from that? The
    Repto Sapiens benefit by having tons of bodies to pick up for the meat.
    The Reptilians routinely return every 40 to 50 years with large cargo mother
    ships to carry off the human carcases generated by war. That’s why Moses
    was told to standby.

    Keep in mind that the Repto Sapiens had accomplished a huge meat harvest just before Moses led the Israelites into the desert. Their “angels of death” had gone into every home in Egypt and slain all of the first born of each family. The first born of each family would be the oldest and meatiest. All cows were killed too. (Follow the meat). Then pharoah was influenced by the Reptilians to send his army (more meaty guys) after Moses where they and their chariot horses perished in the Red Sea. The Repto Sapien handlers had Moses later kill 3000 of their number who worshiped Nibirans; he had them kill 23,000 of their number for sex before they married. That’s a lot of meat. Recently the debris from those 600 chariots has been found:

    Bones and horse hooves have been found there too where they were discarded after the meat was removed. This is analogous to modern findings where the skeletons of cows and horses stripped of meat have been found high up in trees and on steep hillsides, and on top of telephone poles where they landed after being dumped out of UFOs.

    Photos of animals that fell from the sky:

    Over the years there have been many instances where large amounts of blood, eyes, and entrails have fallen out of the sky, as if slaughterhouse debris was swept out of a meat processing plant in the sky.

    When Flesh and Blood Fell from the Sky

    Blood rain
    Blood rain or red rain is a phenomenon in which blood is perceived to fall from the sky in the form of rain. Cases have been recorded since Homer’s Iliad, composed approximately 8th century BC, and are widespread.

    Starting to see a pattern here?

    Just a friencly warning, if it is satanic….it is REPTILIAN !!! They don’t care about which political, economic systems, or religions we belong too because they are all used as mass meat harvesting tools by the Reptilians. Look at the Big Picture and follow the meat.
    Religion versus religion = meat.
    Nazis versus democracies = meat.
    Communism versus capitalism = meat.
    Since 1917 Communism as an example has caused the death of 160 million people.
    And how many ancient religions sacrificed animals and humans to the Reptilian gods?

  2. Even in modern times the aliens control key religious leaders.

    I recently talked to a Muslim on Facebook who was skeptical about the
    existance of UFOs and Repto Sapien aliens. If you are a Muslim you should
    believe in THEM because it is in the Quran. Watch these videos put out by the
    Muslims that show Muhammad was influenced and guided by THEM. Even today it
    shows that they are guiding modern Muslim leaders like Elijah Muhammad and Louis
    Farrakhan, both of whom swear that they were taken up to the mother ship and
    say they are now completely guided by THEM. Do you think these famous
    Muslims are lying? I know they are telling the truth. The Repto Sapiens always
    “guide” key religious, military, and political leaders to bring about war to
    generate dead bodies for the Reps to harvest. There are old Arabian legends
    that tell of the bodies of dead warriors being floated up into the sky at
    night after big battles. There are Norse legends that say that too. Hitler said
    that when he was a soldier in World War 1 he was abducted by two tall
    Reptilian figures who took him to an underground base. He said they scared him.
    Follow the meat. They do this about every 50 years.

    Listen to every word that the Muslims believe:

    The Reality Of The Wheel(s): The UFO Phenomenon

    UFOs Prove The Nation Of Islam Is Right And Exact!

    The Mother Plane (The Truth About UFO’s)

    The Wheel and The Chosen People of God

    Louis Farrakhan’s 2011 Nation of Islam on UFOS with the New Ager Jaime
    Maussan part 2/2

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