7 Reasons Jesus Christ did NOT die for your sins !

This was sent my way . Interesting  food for thought at Easter . Agree , disagree, find offensive ? Comment below and share with your friends who might find this interesting or want to challenge it .

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One thought on “7 Reasons Jesus Christ did NOT die for your sins !

  1. Not offensive. Just rational.

    Did you know that the koine Greek texts say that Jesus wasn’t crucified. They say that bar abba was released unharmed. Jesus was called bar abba (son of papa). When others spoke of God as father, they use the reverential “Father”, whereas Jesus used the more intimate word abba with no sense of reverence attached.

    Barabbas, who is said to have been set free, wasn’t even a name until the 3rd century. If Jesus died on the cross, then logic dictates that everything he said was a lie (as Paul intimates).

    Happy EASTer SUNday (The day that Mithra rose from the dead and ascended to his father (the sun god) who lived in heaven (the sky). There he is to this day, interceding on behalf of his believers and protecting them from evil demons who seek to drag them down to the bowels of hell when they die.)

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