Tree Of Deception—Illuminati Conspiracy —Dr. Donald Ryles

Below is a poem I wrote in 1996 and published in my book HIDDEN SECRETS The Strange Paranormal Life Of Dr. Donald Ryles. . It sums up my thoughts about conspiracy, Illuminati , “Powers That Be “ , etc. … In other words whatever the harmful , oppressive , or damaging forces are…or whatever you think them to be… this is my food for thought .

Tree Of Deception

The people are the dirt
In which they plant the tree
With hopes one day it grows
So high they cannot see
The branches spread out quickly
When fed on people’s fears
Fertilized with frightening words
Then watered with our tears
One day it blocks the sunlight
Then past it we can’t see
We all stand content beneath it
Feeling protected by the tree
Do not let the roots be planted
Question all that’s misunderstood
Fear, ignorance, and blind trust
Form the fibers of its wood

Copyright 1997 Donald Ryles ( Visit Website )

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