More Oddities Found At The Scene Of Boston Marathon Bombings

Eagle- eyed researcher nigella4me found these unusual inconsistencies…

What Group Is REALLY In Control ?… read more

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One thought on “More Oddities Found At The Scene Of Boston Marathon Bombings

  1. She’s talking as though there weren’t two bombs. The picture with circles was taken at bomb site #2, suspect #2 was responsible for bomb site #2, and Martin Richard was at bomb site #2. This gave the girl warning to move away from the crowd…if not to protect herself, then to move further into the runners area to see what happened up the block when #1 exploded. Witnesses who saw the Richard family said that they were moving away from the direction of blast #1 when blast #2 hit. I’m not 100% certain that’s the bag. I think some said it was on the plantar grate because of the fused bb’s, but other reports said it was farther back by the suspect/restaurant. The girl is tall enough, all she has to do is lean over the rail and bend at the waist. Grab the bars upside down. Legs go over, flip. How graceful it looked may have depended on athleticism, but it could be done. I think the strange object/bag is an insulated cooler, the flexible kind. Yes, the man’s smiling face is disturbing, but you never know what was behind those sunglasses. Grimacing in pain, crying, can sometimes look like a smile, so can stopping when you’ve run out of breath. And, for all we know, he just caught sight of his love and was flooded with relief that she was okay. The man in the suit doesn’t bother me at all. He has the definite look of someone who had to go to work that day despite the marathon, finally heard enough commotion, to open his office door and think “WTF!?!” as a terrorist walks right on by.

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