TV News Interview : Attorney claims to be time traveler

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One thought on “TV News Interview : Attorney claims to be time traveler

  1. I consider that if time travel as this video states were possible .. there would be no true order of uninterrupted evolution … not just for the Earth, but for every creation of a star, planet, solar system or galaxy, nor no true order of evolution for every birth and life of a child, plant or animal …

    That which has already occurred, and can be revisited and changed would present a rebooted change in all things not just a specific event or a specific person .. and this just wouldn’t be logical ….

    The only thing I can conclude is that this is a virtual reality time travel … where he is journeying through virtual time tunnels into alternant scenarios of computer stored virtual-bubble realities ..
    Realities that savor specific events and used as starting points to determine alternant possibilities if there had been different choices, sort of like changeable dream worlds controlled by a computer looking for a good ending to the dream ..

    But I do consider time line travel in the “real” celestial world to be very possible ..

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