Top Secret Document From Einstein & Oppenheimer On UFO’s

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3 thoughts on “Top Secret Document From Einstein & Oppenheimer On UFO’s

  1. I have always felt these Men, Intellectual giants and extraordinary alright , but something there , is more ?…much more! and the others at the Solvey conference in 1926 had been privy to more volumes of data in secret clandestine excursions into the odd and uncanny . N.bohrer had approached Einstein and Max Planck about the double slit experiment in inquiring of the axiom of [intent]-consciousness being imposed on the wily photons ?, that followed an as yet unknown law. Matter being a wave form in un- intended space? but focus on it and it turns from pure potentiality to intended particulate matter & existence and corporeal temporal “reality”..? and De Broglie and Heisenberg and and..well you know the crew of the Solvey congress! can’t ..get enough of this leap into the unknown , but expected.

  2. The eyes of Oppenheimer were so intense,as to have the 1000yard stare of an Veteran ..what has he seen ? and what melted Einsteins heart to create the beautiful elegant words he left us that lashed out at science and the epistemological, and waxed unto Ontological poetry..with the ease of a pure poetic master. yet he could take up an afternoon in thought, barely moving or changing focus for hours at a time..deep deep into an equation . Einsteins realization we are one (O) stated as “WE are not in space , but merely spatially distended beings’..part of the same space time continuum ..relativity speaking.
    so ahead of his time space and infinity..(((O)))

  3. Oppie..”I am Become destroyer of worlds”! Oppie and Tesla had the best knowledge of Vedic physics..even ; tetrahedral 5th dimensional physics..(Richard Hoagland) coined the phrase..aliens own the patent though..o.k. i give up..goodnite..Namaste

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