To My Women Blog Readers And Subscribers : Thank You

As most of you know I had a heart attack about a week ago and  I am a big believer in that things happen for a reason . About 2 months ago I began to shift the focus of my main website to go in a more traditional way . I added a page for women’s shoes and fashions . As I got deeper and deeper into posting blogging and working in that direction I became aware that I truly enjoyed doing it…I mean it is no secret that I love women J . It has become somewhat of a stress release . Now that I had the heart attack I realize this is more important than ever…and feel I may have began in that direction for a purpose . I feel it is something I am meant to be doing. As I have said many times before I will always be heavily involved with the paranormal and things off the beaten path…that will always be my main focus…but let me urge my women readers here to check out my women’s blog , women’s page, and to please  continue writing me . I may not be able to answer all of my mail…but trust me it means a lot to me… and a very heartfelt thank you.

P.S. : I have heard a few times won’t all of these letters upset my wife or girlfriend…No, because I don’t have a wife or girlfriend. Probably why I love to hear from all of you : )

Best wishes,


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