Dear Dr. Ryles—Why Women’s Shoes & Fashions ?

When I first placed the links and now once again a few of you here at the paranormal blog have asked why the link to the women’s shoe site and  why was  I involved with selling women’s shoes and fashions . It seems strange to some of you . Well, the best way for me to put it is that I am involved in a LOT of different things . If you believe in astrology…I am a Gemini and that explains it…lol. I am always branching out in new directions.  I am involved in mind power, paranormal, natural health, sex health…and many other areas…and now women’s shoes and fashion. Don’t worry though I have for over 30 years and always will be heavily involved in the strange and unusual .

You ask …Why did I  decide to go in this direction ?…

Many of my followers over the years around the World have been Women . A lot of them have been very supportive from the beginning and urged me on in all of my endeavors . I wanted to branch out into a more traditional area and this seemed to be a very good choice . Those who know me know I follow my intuition and when I asked myself why I had chosen to go in this direction the answer I received was… “ Women love shoes and I love women”  :  )

P.S. : Ladies, Give me some feedback !!! …  Let me know your thoughts or just say hi at :

contact ( insert @ symbol ) drryles.com29


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