STRANGE Happening At The State Fair—Personal Story


UPDATE : A possible related event happened to me in 1981-82 and is posted at


Every year since I was a little kid I have always went to the state fair . It is something I look forward to all year…even more than Christmas . I usually go at least 2 times  and often more over the week it is in town . When I was younger I went with my parents , as a teen I went with friends , as a young adult went with girlfriends ,but over the last 15 + years I have for some reason enjoyed going alone . I guess sort of a “me time” thing. When I had my heart attack ( read more) about 6 weeks ago I didn’t know if I would be able to go this year but gladly I was . Now here is what happened and I want your input . I am not sure if this is really a paranormal or supernatural event or not . I can most definitely say that whatever it was it was it was extremely powerful and the first time in my life  ( I am 48 ) it has happened . On this particular night I had gone to  see the  heavy metal band SevenDust . Great show !!! . Then I went and got a couple of  slices of pizza and  was  just walking around people watching  . I sat down on a hill about 40 ft. from a mechanical bull ride and was watching people ride . A woman walked down the sidewalk by the ride and for some reason she caught my eye .  She causally walked on by and kept walking about 40-50 ft down the trail  and I went back to watching the ride when suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks and walked back to the ride and was standing directly in front of me…but 40 ft away . For some reason I immediately  felt a very strong connection to her and wanted her to come to me and I don’t know why . She was not the type of woman I am usually attracted to . She was tall…maybe 5’ 10” , was thin and very pale , had medium long black hair that she wore in pigtails on both sides of her face and although I never looked directly into her eyes I think they were dark . She wore a blue dress and flat ballerina style flat leather shoes . I would have guessed her age at 25-30 .  kept having the strange feeling that I wanted her to come to me . Suddenly she walked off and very uncharacteristic of me I was compelled to follow her . I did not make it obvious to her and kept my distance but I followed and observed her . The more I watched the more it became apparent , at least to me , that she seemed out of place . Like she didn’t belong . She didn’t seem like everyone else nor did she carry herself like everyone else . She seemed very mature and worldly  but at the same time with a sweet childlike innocence . I know it sounds ludicrous but like maybe she was seeing everything for the first time .The more I watched her the more it became clear to me that I was almost obsessed with her . Like a moth to a flame . I also became more and more aware of another feeling I was having . A very unusual feeling . For some reason I felt afraid of her . I have admired and known many  women in my life …but I have NEVER had such strong and mixed feelings like I was having . She stopped to watch people on a ride and I walked ahead of her and stopped at another ride so that when she walked on she would pass me . When she did pass me she did not look into my eyes…she looked straight ahead…but she smiled a very strange smile as if to say… “I know what is going on…keep following me “.  Something told me to not follow her and I decided I would  just continue checking the fair as usual so I went the opposite direction , but I could not get her out of my mind . Over the course of the night  I kept running into her in different locations and every time the feelings became stronger . Obsession and fear . I finally was compelled to do something INCREDIBLY unlike me . I began going to dark ,out of the way, areas of the festival grounds hoping…praying…that she would come to me there .  She did not . I was feeling foolish , obsessed ,scared , excited and I began to have the feeling that maybe I should leave well enough alone and leave . As I was leaving I saw her once more . She had stopped at a side show…sword swallowers , fire spitters , etc . and was talking to the barkers out front and in another oddity of the night she had told them it was her birthday . I left the fair at that point . I went home and was having all kinds of mixed emotions and asking myself all kinds of questions .  I was kicking myself for not talking to her , but at the same time had the feeling that if I had I might have been in danger . Then I began asking myself who or “what” she might have been . Was she just a normal girl that I was attracted to ? Was she a Vampire or something supernatural ? She seemed to not belong…was she from another time or dimension ? The rest of the night and the next day I thought about her . I went back to the fair the next night and hoped beyond hope I would see her again . I looked and looked for an hour of two and didn’t see anyone who looked like her at all . I went back to the hill where I had first seen her and mentally wished she would appear again . After only a few minutes a women who looked like her walked down the path . I couldn’t be sure it was her but she was the only woman I had seen that looked like her . If this was her this time she was very different . This woman was dressed in black or dark clothes from head to toe and walked very briskly…she did not stroll or seem to have childlike innocence .  I stayed at the fair for about 3 hours longer and did not see that woman even once again  the entire night . At around 11:30  the fair was beginning to close for the night . I was sitting on a bench getting ready to leave and once more  I thought of the woman in black and wondered why I had only seen her once and wondered if she was the woman from the first night. As I was thinking about her the woman in black seemed to come out of nowhere  walking down a dimly lit sidewalk about 20 ft away from me . She was walking very quickly and as crazy as it may seem I was compelled to see where she went . She briskly walked into a dimly lit parking lot and no one was there but me and her . Something told me not to follow and I didn’t . Now to all of my question and thoughts . Please give me your input . Could this have a connection to my recent heart attack . I know that often when you have a major life threatening event in your life strange  paranormal things  may happen to you . What do you think ?…Vampire , Time Traveler , Related to my heart attack ? or just a normal girl  I thought was pretty and a lot of coincidences ?  Will I ever see her again ? I am still kicking myself  BADLY for not talking to her the first night , but at the same time thinking maybe it was a good thing that I didn’t  .



10 thoughts on “STRANGE Happening At The State Fair—Personal Story

  1. You say “Every so often something unusual happens to me.” Uh-huh. Are you an abductee? You say “Something told me to follow her,” “Something told me not to follow her,” etc. Who was telling you that? If you are an abductee, we have to assume it was ETs telling you that via subliminal telepathy. The abduction literature reports many, many of these mysterious encounters with strange people. Generally the abductee is extremely impressed with them, but I personally am not. It is child’s play for the ETs to set up these encounters and apparently they do it for theatrical value, to deepen your enthrallment with them, to deepen your impression that something terribly meaningful is going on in your life. Is it? And if so, for whose benefit? They are the authors of this project to capture and enthrall human beings for their entire lifetime, so it seems to me equally likely they are the beneficiaries and not you. These kinds of mysterious experiences take advantage of narcissism and leave the witness with the impression someone with powerful technologies and psychic ability is taking a great interest in them. Apparently so, but again I ask, for whose benefit?

  2. What did your instincts tell you when you first saw her? That is most likely your answer of who she is.

    • Aja,
      Not really sure what my instincts told me . At first they just told me that I found her attractive…but not just normal attraction . It was a VERY strong one for some reason . Not really like me . I see women who attract me often , but not usually like this…especially since she was not really my “type” so to speak .
      Best wishes,

  3. You should have spoken to her that is the bottom line…..
    You described as though the woman was either a ghost or someone who was waiting for you.

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