Haunted Hospitals – Best Paranormal Evidence APRA

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2 thoughts on “Haunted Hospitals – Best Paranormal Evidence APRA

  1. I will leave my name anonymous for now but me and my family believe that we have a real for real ghost living in our attic and we need help we heard them talking and walking up there im scared to stay in my own home when my family is it work during the day one night we were sleep I woke up to shadow walking bye I thought I was dreaming so I went back to sleep than I turn over again than I saw two like smoke bomb like when someone is smoking a cigarette and than they stop looked and took off from that point I was scare we believe they have two children before that I would hear noises out side by me and my husband bedroom like someone is hitting the wall than I would hear children laughing and playing outside in the middle of the night while my family is sleeping we just bought this home in may of this year and already we are going though this we looked this house up and found that no one has been here no longer then two to three years I said no wonder she sold this house because she was going though what were going though I am pissed so can you help us please it’s real believe me we would love to enjoy our new home without this problem going on here.

    • Dear Wilson,
      Not sure what country , state or town you are in but I am sure there is a paranormal research group near you . Look online or in your phonebook and I am sure you will find them . If not ask around . These groups will help you and they won’t charge you anything . Most of them have a psychic who works with them as well . That would be my advice . Contact them as soon as possible . From what you said was happening I do not feel you are in any danger . It just sounds like the previous occupants of the house could not stay there due to all of the activity . A good paranormal group can help you to stop all this activity and if they cannot they can put you in contact with someone who can . I know what you are going through . I grew up in a very paranormally active house myself .
      Best wishes,

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