More about Tater And His Passing

A few more things. Some funny some sad.

First off once again my true heartfelt thanks to everyone for such nice comments and encouragement . Many of you have said that Tater may come back in spirit form since he really didn’t have much of a life and he didn’t want to leave me . I most definitely believe that is possible . About 10 years ago I had a cat that was hit and killed by a car . His name was Boots . He was HUGE and super loving . After he passed and for many months after from time to time I would feel him  jump onto the bed with me and crawl up by me . I am wondering if he didn’t return last night . Only a few hours before Tater passed I felt something snuggle up to my back and there was nothing there . Tater was lying in front of me on the bed.

How did Tater get his name ?…He was a feral cat that I took care of for about a year and a half before he tamed enough to adopt . I would often feed him table scraps and one of his very top favorites surprisingly was tater tots…lol…so he got the name Tater.

Funny story . He would show his affection by backing his butt up to me and rubbing it on my foot . I would tell him to…”Back it up like a Tonka truck” (Jlo “On the floor” lyric)  When he first came in to stay I was petting him one night and one of my other cats, Chris was watching me pet him and acting like he felt left out . Tater walked over to Chris and backed his butt up to Chris’ face and started rubbing…lol. Chris looked at him like…What the Hell are you doing…lol.

Touching story : My next door neighbor said that the entire time I was in the hospital when I had my heart attack that Tater sat behind my house on the central unit and watched for my car to come home . She said he stayed day and night .

A little sad  , but also happy story . Since the day Tater came in to stay he wanted to sleep in bed with me . Chris had been sleeping in bed with me for about 3 years and was not really happy about Tater being there. But was accepting it . Tater sadly wanted me all to himself and started getting in fights with Chris and making him leave . I told Tater if he couldn’t share the bed he had to sleep elsewhere . For about 3 months on and off he would try to come back, but I would always take him to a couch to sleep . Last night he was SO sick he could hardly walk and he used every ounce of his energy to jump up on my bed . I had to let him stay . Chris wanted him there also . He climbed up behind me and slept with his head on my neck for a while and then climbed over to sleep in front of me . He jumped off of the bed at about 6:15 am and woke me up since he stumbled when he jumped .  He could barely walk and went toward the kitchen . I thought he wanted a drink so I carried him to his water bowl . He wasn’t thirsty . I thought maybe he needed to go to his litter box and carried him to it . He didn’t need to go . So I carried him back to bed and laid him down beside me . I kissed him on the ear and hugged him . I watched him breathing for a while and he seemed very relaxed and content . I was about to go back to sleep when I noticed it looked like he wasn’t breathing . My cat Chris immediately started checking him out . I got up and turned on the light and he had passed . I just picked him up and carried him around for about 10 minutes kissing him, talking to him, and crying . I am so, so, so glad though that he passed so easily and that me and Chris was with him when he passed over .

Sorry if everyone is finding these posts sad, but I think it helps to write it all out . I have never been married or had children…came very close several times but haven’t as of yet…and my cats are like my children . I love all of my cats but Tater held a special place in my heart . He was so tiny and frail as a kitten and walked with a limp . He was a feral cat and was VERY scared of people. I felt like I needed to protect him extra . What makes me so sad and that I am having such a hard time with is that I took care of him for about a year and a half outside and he was finally inside and not having to live in the cold winters ( I built him several shelters but he refused to get in them)…he didn’t have to be afraid of strangers anymore…he got his foot fixed where he didn’t limp and could run and play…and he got a brother and a sister cat who loved him…and now after only 3 months he is gone . My sadness is just beyond words. Thank you to everyone reading.



One thought on “More about Tater And His Passing

  1. Thanks for sharing your story with us. As a fellow animal lover I enjoy hearing about how these special friends come into our lives. Tater will always be watching over you and Chris as a special guardian angel. God bless, Ramona

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