Michael Jackson still alive in 2014 ?

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6 thoughts on “Michael Jackson still alive in 2014 ?

  1. I can’t believe that people are still on the web asking if Elvis and Michael Jackson are still alive?
    The people who do this are just using people who are no longer alive to promote something, and perhaps its because they have nothing better to write about. Face it these two men are alive, but not on earth, they are alive in Spirit, and yes they are quite capable of appearing to and speaking to those back on earth who have developed their psychic abilities and can communicate with them on the other side.
    Now its possible that some people who don’t know they are psychic are seeing these two men materialize in spirit and they can hear them speak to them, but when this happens we call those people psychics.
    We also have to realize that many people fail to recognize psychics and so when someone tells them they have been talking to someone who has died they normally call them crazy and cart them off to the nearest psychiatrist.
    What we need to do is better educate people to the reality that dead people can reappear and look just as alive as they were when they walked the earth, and they can speak in voices to those who believe and can hear and see them.

    • i believe MJ is a live after proof and there is large amount on youtube and it was advertised on bbc a second ago about someone who “sounds” like him but i believe Elvis is dead because of the weight and because of him being that large would be common for death and intoxication bye worms in his stomach.

  2. This interesting… this voice… hmm… with my opinion…hmm… this is Michael Jackson voice… this is King of Pop voice…hmm…

  3. I believe that mj is a life. The evidence doesn’t add up at all. Wherever you are mj you are truly missed and we love you. Love always, Kristen jaymes howell

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