Shapeshifting Fake Plane ? … Rod Hilderman Says Yes

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3 thoughts on “Shapeshifting Fake Plane ? … Rod Hilderman Says Yes

  1. The plane goes from flying level to making a banking left turn. It is not shape shifting as the author claims.

  2. What he is seeing is an optical illusion-the plane is making a left turn, so the “wings” that he saw in the first photo was actually the shadow of the wings that were always there. The light is also hitting the nose of the plane differently, causing the illusion of it being a different nose, but is not.

  3. I am intrigued by Rods camera work.
    There is much critical comments.However,there are elements of what he has shown that really makes the mind think.
    People are easily fooled by illusion,but Rod doesn’t manipulate what he is showing.
    I’m not into the ufo thing but it’s interesting that some people see what could be and others see a normal aircraft.
    Keep up the good work Rod.
    At least it’s making people use a latent muscle that doesn’t get used much?The brain.
    Go figure.

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