Dear Dr. Ryles Is There Really An Illuminati And How Do I Protect Myself ?

One of the questions I am asked quite often is do I believe there really is an Illuminati …my simple answer is NO . If the question  is do I think there is a surviving and thriving  Illuminati in today’s World , a massive World-wide organization of super wealthy and powerful people with a single minded goal in mind . My answer is NO  . I do however firmly believe there ARE most definitely well organized and extremely powerful groups working toward goals which will affect the World in both good and bad ways . These group have roots in all political parties , religions ,  beliefs , etc.   To the second part of the question…how do I protect myself . The best way to protect yourself is to learn all you can . Knowledge  is the key to success and security in ALL endeavors . If you want something…learn how to get it and then GET IT . If you are afraid of something learn all you can about it and then protect yourself both mentally and physically against it .



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