Qlimax—Most Satanic Event in the Music Industry Exposed by Chemlin




2 thoughts on “Qlimax—Most Satanic Event in the Music Industry Exposed by Chemlin

  1. The female narrator sounds like Larraine Newman (sp?) RE: the early times of SNL??? There is good and there is evil with us everywhere we are. It’s up to us to choose.

  2. reality isn’t controversial. it merely exists. there is no adjective that can be used to describe it. “controversial” is clearly an adjective. what “doesn’t” exist, however, are aliens. and i’ll tell u why. whenever something in the natural-world can’t be explained or has yet to be explained, aliens are always seen as the reason or the answer. and it almost always seems to be at night, predictably, when “u.f.o.’s” are spotted. I have yet to see true visionary evidence of an alien just walking around during the day greeting people and shaking their hands. it’s a joke. it’s simply far-left paranoia. that’s right. there’s actually a political component to it all. the only alien being that has always seemed plausible to me is, go figure : the alien in the movie “alien”. it’s a very believable animal, even-though it doesn’t have it’s origins from earth. it has acid for blood ; it has a poisonous tail ; it lacks vision because it has no eyes ; it is relatively shy, at least in the beginning. that is a very believable-sounding creature that could easily come across as a living creature on this planet. the whole u.f.o. experience, or a large majority of it, is a business. that’s right : A BUSINESS. it generates huge amounts of revenue each year for major corporations in this country as well as the government. if aliens truly existed and were some kind of threat to national security, we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation here on the internet. the government “allows” it to go on because there “is” no threat to national security yet it generates huge sums of money for the government and it’s numerous programs. especially defense programs, am guessing. please, get a life, people. it’s almost “always” about politics and economics with u.f.o.’s, and rarely “if ever” about the truth.

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