Pennies From Heaven…My beloved spirit cat foretelling my prosperity ?

pinktater11For those who may remember I lost my little cat Tater this year . He was sick most of his short 2 year life and I did everything I could to keep him healthy and happy , but in the end FIP took him. He will always hold a special place to me . He was a tiny , sweet, little black cat … scared of just about everything…even TV’s .

I had a heart attack last August and recently my Cardiologist had me to up my walks to 3 miles a day . I get bored walking a track or treadmill so instead I like to walk through neighborhoods in my city . I alter my walks everyday so I don’t get bored . Almost everyday without fail I have been finding a penny on my walk . I always think of it as a “ Penny from Heaven “ and for some reason have always thought it was sent by Tater . When I find it I always think to myself “Tater is with me and helping me get healthy” . Today as I was walking something really intense happened . I was walking in an area I have only been in a few times and I found a single playing card on my path. It was the Five Of Diamonds . No other cards anywhere . Just that one . Many of you may already know that in Cartomancy ,fortune telling done with standard playing cards , a 5 of Diamonds means prosperity , happiness , good news , and success . I didn’t know until I got home and refreshed my memory with an online search . I continued on the walk and was about 75% finished and hadn’t found my daily penny . Just as I thought to myself “Well I guess Tater isn’t going to send me a penny today…He sent me a 5 of Diamonds “ I looked down and there was a penny . If anyone would have seen me they would have thought I had gone insane because I picked it up and held it in front of me and smiled like I had found a treasure…LOL . I put the penny in my back pocket as I always do and continued walking . After I had walked about 3-4 blocks more for some reason it really hit me and I thought to myself , “ Tater you REALLY are with me aren’t you ? “ . Just as I thought that thought I looked down and found 3 pennies in a triangle shape . As I picked them up I actually cried a bit . A little happy and a little sad. As with the card the number 3 symbolizes reward and success in all your undertakings . If you wonder what I do with all the pennies ( there are over 40 now) I bring them home and put them in a special ceramic coffee mug and it’s story is a fitting oddity as well . One day I was shopping in a thrift store and for some reason I was drawn to a coffee mug that had a hand painted cat on it . The cat has been playing in the mud and left tracks on the kitchen floor . As I inspected the painting closer I noticed that 3 of the tracks show 4 toes and 2 of the tracks only show 3 toes . Tater had a toe amputated due to a tumor so he had a 3 toed foot and had left tracks just like that on my kitchen floor .taterdon'tmiss




3 thoughts on “Pennies From Heaven…My beloved spirit cat foretelling my prosperity ?

  1. When our cat Kitty mama was near death,we took her to the vet and the vet told us she had kidney damage and had to be put down. As I believe the Lord gives life and takes it, my son and I waited til we could pray over it. After about an hour we decided to let her go.The vet’s assistant came in to shave her paw to administer a pain killer.When he turned on the razor, it scared her,her heart stopped and she was gone.The Lord had taken our burden upon Himself.
    The following night, a young cat walked up to our door.She was the splitting image of Mama Kitty at a younger age.She came right in and I fed her Mama Kitty’s food and she ate it all up.She let us cuddle her and love her.She sat in a white wicker rocker where Mama Kitty liked to sleep and she slept for hours. Around 2am she got up walked to the door and meowed to be let out. She came back 2 more nights and went through the same routine and then we never saw her again.
    God is so merciful with all His creatures. He meets our needs,supplies our wants and grants us the desires of our hearts. Glory to God.

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