One thought on “Bigfoot Sighting caught on Camera 2014

  1. the only evidence that bigfoot ever existed are the footprints. the yeti ; sasquatch ; bigfoot. I find it hard to believe that there was a large conspiracy that started with the abominable snowman ( yeti ) in asia, and ended-up as bigfoot in the pacific northwest. all three have two things in common: ape-like creature with gigantic feet. I believe big-foot has been extinct for a a long-time, now, and that’s why all we have are the feet as evidence. there was a gigantic, ape-like creature, *gigantopithecus*, that did indeed exist a while back because the fossil evidence is there in museums. ‘course, probably the biggest conspiracy theory of them all is that the united states government *allows* the conspiracies to remain unsolved because the conspiracy theory business is so massive, and that allows the i.r.s. to take money in the form of taxes from these businesses and spread the wealth between the government and large corporations for their own personal usage.

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