A Question—His Face Looked Melted By Donald Ryles


Click here for the SECRETS that put you a step ahead of everyone else---“Dr. Ryles’ 5 Of Diamonds”I saw something a few days ago that I can’t explain and I wonder if some of you may have has similar experiences . I can’t find anything online about it . I was driving down the street and I saw a man walking down the street who , if any of you remember the movie, looked and even walked a LOT like Kip from “Napoleon Dynamite . It caught my eye that he was wearing a shirt that read “ I see dead people” . I pulled into a store to get a few things and as I left the store and got about 3 block s down the road he was walking back in my direction and I passed him again . When I looked at his face this time it seemed to be blurred out and distorted . I have seen effects like that in movies and with Photoshop…but had never seen it in real life . Not sure what to make of it . I hear a lot of people talk about Reptilian shape shifters morphing , but this did not seem like a morph . It was more as if his face seemed to melt and distort to one side . Also from his expression he seemed to be full of rage which might have contributed in some way to what I saw . Any thoughts ?

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One thought on “A Question—His Face Looked Melted By Donald Ryles

  1. It sounds like the morphing that took place in The Devil’s Advocate. The rage could of been induced by a negative presence that you were able to see.

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