Child’s Ghost Caught on Camera?

IMPORTANT : Scroll to the bottom of this page for links that may be removed at anytimeI have personally seen a photo like this from a very credible source and it was remarkably similar. I feel this is real.



One thought on “Child’s Ghost Caught on Camera?

  1. ghosts don’t exist because the concepts of heaven and spirituality don’t exist. check that: the concept of mind, body, and soul *does* exist because all three are natural in that they’re purely physical. spirituality doesn’t exist because it has no physical or natural component to it. there are two kinds of spirituality: 1). the kind that is physical by nature and therefore MUST exist by nature 2). the kind that has no substance and is completely invisible. this obviously is *not* physical by nature and therefore can’t and doesn’t exist. the only things that truly exist are NATURAL things: NOT artificial things, such as a car, or spiritual things that are completely transparent/invisible, i.e. GHOSTS.

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