Poltergeist Activity Recorded —Heavy Furniture Tossed

When I was a teen my house was very active and I have come to believe the current theories that poltergeist manifestations can be misguided teen anger manifesting as physical disturbances . I as a youth had much pent up anger . I know that MANY teens do as well today .taterwise11taterscroll11


2 thoughts on “Poltergeist Activity Recorded —Heavy Furniture Tossed

  1. Well, Doctor, I’m a bit skeptical about this video, mainly because all of the activity seems to be happening off screen. The tugged curtain and the moving lamp could be an indicator of someone hiding behind the chair in the forground. The lamp turning on and off on it’s own could be someone off screen on a light switch that controls the output that the plug for the lamp is in (I have several of these around my home).

    The books fly all over, but they all com from off camera. It could be someone throwing them. into the middle of the room. The sofa could either be someone pushing on it from underneath or lifting it from the side. We cannot see the entire couch and the part that is off screen is enough for someone to hide off camera and accomplish this.

    There were plenty of foreground and background object to offer proof of poltergeist activity, but everything that was completely in camera remains untouched. I’m sorry, but I can’t bring myself to call this one authentic.

    • Count me in too. Like you said everything happening is easily done. I noticed that the lamp cord was being pulled to the left. Why would there be a cord going across a room since the lamp was near a wall! I have had real encounters of ghosts & poltergeist activities. It angers me that there are hoaxers out there that make people disbelievers out of paranormal activities. Definitely a HOAX!

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