My Most Incredible Paranormal Event By Dr. Donald Ryles


I feel this to be the most vivid and direct physical contact with the

unknown of my life so far and it was witnessed with me by my

mother. It happened about 8 months before the writing of this book ( 1997) .

My mother goes to a local health clinic about once every 3-6

months for periodic checkups. She has gone there for many years and

seen different doctors, but there is one specialist in particular she has

seen steadily for the past several years. As long as she has been seeing

him he has had the same location and office in the clinic.

When it is convenient for us both she likes for me to go with her on

her usually twice yearly visits to him. On this day she and I had

entered the clinic as usual and gotten on the same elevator we had

ridden dozens of times before. There was only one other person on the

elevator with us. It was man dressed in a maintenance type uniform.

We made small talk with him as we rode up and when we reached the

second floor he exited the elevator and walked to the right. My mother

looked out for a moment and watched him walk down the hall when

she realized something was wrong. I looked out of the elevator and

everything looked completely different. Nothing looked the same as it

did the last time we had been at the clinic. The hall was different, the

wall plaques telling what doctors were in which offices and wings had

changed, and even the doors lining the hall were changed. The section

that my mothers’ doctor had been in was not even there anymore. Only

a wall with a single door in the middle of it was.

In the hall in front of us were 3-4 men constructing a framework

of some kind. It was made out of yellow painted metal and fairly large.

Pieces of it were lying around on the floor and it blocked most of the

hall in front of the elevator. I remember that some of the parts looked

rusty and I had thought that it was strange to be building something

with old rusty parts in a major medical clinic and I also thought it was

strange to be building it where it would block the elevator where many

people in wheel chairs exited.

One of the men looked over and smiled at us and as he walked

closer asked , “Can I help you ? “ My mother said , “Yes please , I

think we are definitely in the wrong place , I don’t recognize anything

at all here “. I smiled and nodded in agreement. He kind of chuckled

and said , “What doctor are you looking for , maybe I can help you

find them “ . I said , “We are looking for doctor _____ office” and as I

pointed to the wall with a door added , “I thought he was right there

but I must be totally lost , I don’t recognize anything here at all “ . He

looked me directly in my eyes and kind of chuckled again and said , “

Oh yeah , doctor _______ , he is on the first floor just after you come

bewildered but smiled and said “OK , thank you “ as I pushed the

elevator button to go back down .

In the short trip down, the clinic only has 2 stories, I looked over at

my mother and said , “They must have completely remodeled since

we were here the last time , I didn’t recognize anything up there “ and

she said she guessed that must be true and added that she hadn’t

recognized anything either . I asked her if her doctor had ever been on

the first floor since I was puzzled that the man said her doctor was “ in

the same place he has always been ” . She said that since she had been

going to him he had always been on the second floor.

When the elevator opened on the first floor I walked to a nearby

wall plaque that listed all of the doctors in the clinic and their

locations. It listed her doctor as being on the second floor in the exact

same place we knew him to be and had just been. Very puzzled at this

point we went back to the second floor and this time took the stairs

instead of the elevator back up .The stairs exit across from the

elevators and slightly to the side so I thought it would be easier to get

past all of the construction in the hallway. When we looked out of the

stairwell I expected to find the construction crew again and parts of the

framework they were building filling the hall. Instead there were no

men in the hall, no framework or pieces at all, and the hall was as we

had always known it to be in our dozen or so visits. It had only been

possibly a minute since we had been there the first time. There was not

enough time for the construction crew to have even moved the large

frame and pieces and left the area, much less for the entire floor to

have changed . My mothers’ doctor was in the same place we had

always known him to be. The wall with a single door in it we had seen

before was now an open hallway leading to his office. The wall plaque

now had the correct names of all of the doctors on the second floor. It

was all completely back to normal.

When I got my mother signed in for her appointment I went to see

if I could find the construction crew or any construction in the clinic. I

walked up and down the halls of the clinic and rode the elevator a few

times up and down and walked the stairs a few times also. I found

nothing. The clinic was just as it had always been. There was nothing

out of place and there wasn’t any construction or crew to be found.

After my mothers appointment she wanted to investigate as well and

we both walked the halls to find nothing out of place.

What happened that day is by far the most unexplainable

paranormal event of my life as of this writing. Not only seeing

something that by all logic could not have been, but also of actually

talking to someone, or something, in the event and having a witness

who talked to them as well.

I have many paranormal theories about what might have been

occurring that day, but I am at a complete loss to even begin to explain

it with any form of standard scientific logic.

As we were driving home, both still slightly shocked, my mother

asked me, “What do you think would have happened to us if we would

have gotten off of the elevator the first time when that maintenance

man did?” I had in the confusion forgotten about him. I hadn’t

watched him as he left the elevator and walked down the hall to the

right, but she had. She then turned to me and said, “The hallway he

walk down wasn’t there the second time we went upstairs “.

Copyright 1997

UPDATE : Many years after this happened I had a heart attack and had to have emergency stent surgery . The doctor who did my surgery happened to be at the hospital that morning from another clinic across town . I had never heard about him until that morning . Later when I went to his office for the first time something jolted my memory . We began to look for his office and is was down a hallway past the Women’ s Center part of the clinic . When the events of this story happened and the clinic changed… the hallway that wasn’t there had a sign that said “Women’s Center “ and under that was another sign that had name of the doctor who would do my emergency heart surgery 10 + years later .

Must check this out now


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