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  2. I have a question that no one seems to be able to give an answer…I’ve seen something like a light, but it wasn’t an orb but more like an self- radiating light…etheric light? I’ve seen it more than once and tends to having either er a blueish or light green hue. What could the this be? It’s not very bright but of course, still quite noticeable . I’ve seen it in the back of my truck, in rooms of my home where there is nothing else paranormal going on. Oh … I almost forgot to mention, it’s always stationary.

    • Simone,
      I cannot say what it was but I had a similar experience . When I was about 4 years old I looked out the window of my Great-Grandmothers house and saw a light like you describe . In my case it seemed to float through the yard and up to the window and then floated back out in the yard and into some nearby woods . I only saw it once in my life . I feel that it was a spirit .

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