Possessed Furby Talking and walking without batteries

Hey Everybody,

Not sure if this is real faked , but I had a true experience similar to this about 10 years ago . I found a stuffed teddy bear dressed like Santa that played Christmas music that someone had thrown away in a dumpster at the apartment complex I lived in at the time . The batteries were almost dead and when it played it sounded really strange and kind of made me laugh when I heard it . Also I found it in July so all the more funny . I left the batteries in it and placed it on my sofa and from time to time I played it and laughed . Sometimes it kind of cheered me up when I was down . It started to turn itself on without me touching it and I thought it might have something wrong with it and could start a fire so I took the batteries out . One night about 6 months later I was setting at my desk a few feet from my sofa and the bear just started to play the weird slowed down Christmas songs . I looked back at it and laughed . Then a chill ran down my back when I remembered I had taken the batteries out 6 months before .

Donald “Tiger”