The Knife That Came To Me ? By Donald Ryles

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Yesterday I had a very unusual thing happen to me that makes me question the possible truth about an event that happened almost 40 years ago .

Yesterday I was just out running around doing a few errands and stopped at a local car wash for a quick wash and in the stall I noticed lying by the wall was a butter knife . It caught my eye and for some reason I kind of liked it…don’t know why really . There was nothing special about it and I have a drawer full of knives at home…but it did appeal to me . I continued on my way to a local home improvement store . Thinking of getting an apple tree for my yard . Stopped at a local thrift shop and bought 2 old Video taped movies…I collect them . Stopped at Arby’s and came home . When I got home grabbed the 2 bags , went in and turned on the TV , and was getting ready to eat when I looked in the bag that contained the 2 movies and inside with the movies was a butter knife !!! . At first I was just perplexed and then a chill ran down my spine when I remembered the one at the car wash from earlier in the day that had caught my eye…and this one was even the same style and design !!! Did my thoughts somehow draw this knife to me ? Was it the same one…or just a similar one ? I thought of going back to the car wash to see if the knife was still there but it would prove nothing . It could have been picked up by somebody else or thrown away…and if it still was there it would not explain how mine had gotten to me. It made me think of an event that happened when I was just a boy and involved a Ouija board that was thrown away and had somehow gotten back in my closet ( see story here ) .Wonder if I had somehow “drawn” it back ?

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