THE OUIJA BOARD AND MY FRIENDS ( A True Story From My Childhood By Donald Ryles )


When I was about 15 years old one of my friends had gotten a

Ouija board of his own and wanted me to “play” it with him and his

sisters. In my mind I thought if we do it at his house nothing bad will

come to mine and possibly I may even learn what was happening at

my house by talking on his board so I agreed.

Many Saturday afternoons that summer we would all get together

in his bedroom with the door shut and use the board. Sometimes for

hours non-stop. Just the 3-4 of us alone in a semi-dark room with the

board between us. We grew tired of it as teenagers do and moved on

to other things once school began again , but we experienced many

unexplainable events which happened during what we called our

sessions” .

Two very special events were directly connected to me and I

remember them very clearly.

The first happened one Saturday when we were all together as

usual. The night before I had had a vivid dream. The dream had been

set back in very early American times, possibly 16-1700’s. I was

dressed in the manner of the period and walking down a wooden

sidewalk beside a dirt street. I could see all of the people and stores

and hear the people talking as if I actually was there. As I passed by a

wagon on the dirt street I noticed that a woman was lying underneath it

as if she was trying to hide. As I walked beside it she got up and

grabbed me and pulled me underneath it with her and began talking to

me. She was lying on top of me talking to me, but I couldn’t

understand what she was saying. She then began to kiss me. At first

just innocently like she had been re – united with a long lost friend and

then much more passionately and we were both becoming aroused. I

awoke at that point. Being 15 and having dreams along that line fairly

often at that age I imagined it was just that, a dream, but somehow it

seemed to be much more. Very vivid and almost like reality.

We had been in contact on the Ouija with an entity calling herself

Susan “ a few times and for some reason I strongly felt that it had

been her in the dream .

Later that day I went to my friends’ house and we has a “session”.

Almost immediately when we placed our hands on the pointer “Susan”

began to communicate with us. We talked to her for a few minutes

when she asked us could she do something special today. Something

she “hadn’t been able to do in a long time”. We asked what she wanted

to do and she said instead of us all having our fingers on the pointer

she wanted just one of us to put just one finger on the edge of the

pointer and watch what happened. We agreed and asked which one of

us she wanted to put their finger on the pointer and she immediately

spelled, “Donnie since he has more energy than the rest of you “. The

others looked at me in a wondering and sort of jealous way and then

asked the board, “Why does Donnie have more energy, what makes

him so special?” She quickly spelled again to say “I gave him the

extra energy when I saw him last night “. I was stunned and even

though I was kind of embarrassed I told them all about the dream I had

had the night before and they then asked “Susan” was it her that had

been in my dream and she said , “Yes and I enjoyed it “ . They all got

a laugh out of it and teased me for a while and then I got their attention

back to the board and asked what I should do. “Susan” told everybody

to move back from the board and for me to put one finger on the edge

of the pointer. Everybody moved back and when they did I felt a

tingling in my stomach. It was a feeling I had never felt before. The

best way I can describe it is to say it felt like a very mild electric shock

and a sensation of pulling on my stomach. Like something was being

pulled out of my stomach that I could not see. It was not an

uncomfortable sensation at all, just very different and strange to me.

As we all watched the pointer then did something that we all

thought was impossible and we knew should not, and cannot, normally

happen. The pointer with only my one finger on the very edge turned

three complete circles. My finger did not move, only that pointer

beneath it did. We were all truly shocked, but more excited than

scared. After turning three circles it stopped dead for about 5 seconds

and then began to move rapidly, almost dance around the board. It was

spelling words so fast my friends could hardly write them down. It

was moving so fast I could hardly keep up and many times my finger

was not even touching the pointer anymore but was just moving with

the pointer about a half an inch above it . After about 30 seconds or so

Susan “asked me if I was ok. I said that I was but that I felt very tired.

She then said she didn’t want to hurt me and asked that I take my

finger off and rest and asked that my friends put their fingers back on

the pointer. With those words the pointer stopped and the sensation in

my stomach stopped at the same time as I moved back from the board.

After my friends had their fingers back on the pointer she told me that

she was sorry to have gone for so long and tired me. She said she had

gotten carried away since no one had agreed to let her do that since the


The second event also involved “Susan” and happened one day

after I had left my friends house.

We had been talking to several entities that Saturday afternoon and

the last one we were talking to was “Susan “. I heard my fathers’ car

horn outside and told everybody I would see them later and as I

walked out the door I told “Susan” good-bye until next week.

On the way home we came to one of the intersections we always

went through and the light turned green, but for some reason my dad

hesitated a few seconds before he pulled out. He usually pulled out as

soon as the light had changed, but for some reason this time he didn’t.

Just at the time we would have normally been in the middle of the

intersection a car ran the red light coming from our left. He was going

very fast. The speed limit on that road was forty mph and I imagine he

was at least traveling at the very least sixty mph as he passed in front

of us. If we had been in the intersection we would have most likely

both been killed. The car we were in had no air bags and neither of us

was wearing seat or shoulder belts. We both sat there a few seconds

with our hearts in our throats and then continued home.

A few minutes after we got home my friend called on the phone

and frantically asked, “Are you OK, are you and your dad OK what

happened after you left here?” I told him that we were both alright and

then asked him why he had called and asked that so urgently. He said,

About 10 minutes after you left “Susan” just stopped talking to us

suddenly “. He said that after a few minutes “Susan” began talking

again and when they asked her where she had gone she said , “ I was

in Bill’s automobile , I needed to be there for a while with them“ . Bill

was my fathers’ name. I remember very clearly exactly what my friend

had said since he added, “We didn’t make it up, that is exactly what

the board spelled , we wouldn’t say Bill’s automobile if we made it up

we would have said “Donnie’s car” if we made it up“

My jaw dropped and I told him that I did believe him and then told

him about my father and I being just seconds away from a horrible car

crash . He was shocked and added that they had asked “Susan “ why

she was in Donnie’s car and she had told them , “Ask Donnie he will

tell you why I was there today “ .

I believe that “Susan” prevented a terrible car crash and possibly

even saved my father and I from death that day. One of the last times

we talked on the board that summer “Susan” said that she was going to

stay with me the rest of my life and would “be there” when I needed

her. I have often wondered if “Susan” told my father not to go when

the light changed and he just never told me.

Copyright 1997 Donald Ryles

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