Check These Out…What Do We Have Here ?

Welcome  , look around and take your time . There are 1000’s of posts here… The blog began as a Paranormal and Unusual Blog so there are 100’s and 100’s of  Paranormal, Supernatural, Psychic, Mind Power, Hypnotism ,and more videos and posts . In the past few years it has expanded out to include just about anything that I find amusing or helpful in nature . So you never know what the next post may bring . Check out the subjects list for your interests or see the recent posts .

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4 thoughts on “Check These Out…What Do We Have Here ?

    • Jane,
      SOOOO sorry this reply is so late . I am well and I truly thank you for checking on me . I have just since my heart attack slowed down a lot and don’t try to keep up with my everyday postings anymore. Just posting what I find special . One again I am truly honored that you checked on me and your letter just fell through the cracks a bit…sorry.
      Best wishes,

  1. I LOVE the paranormal, been having my own experiences since my great grandmother passed away here, from footsteps to voices and even a shadow figure in my own room! I document these happenings on my own blog along with investigations, EVP’s and Videos xx Nice job x

  2. I am a CIA MK-Ultra Project Monarch Intelligence Asset, alien hybrid and Milab (military alien abductee). I am married to Will P. Wilson, head of CIA Black Operations and a king in the Reptilian Draconian Vampire hierarchy. Please YouTube X Zone Radio and Francine Kelly; operation haystack agentfk; Francine Kelly and Higherside Chats; and Francine Kelly and WoB radio. Look at my forum at Thank you.

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