Women’s small size shoes…that are actually sexy and cute

My last few posts have been aimed at my petite women readers . I had no idea there were so many of you . It makes me very happy though “S” . Many of you have said you have a hard time finding small ( U.S. 2.5-5 ) shoes that are actually sexy…and at a GREAT price . One of the best online sources for both selection and price is called “Light In The Box” . They have beautiful sandals,pumps, and heels of all kinds for you petite ladies that love your heels . Enjoy and hope you find what you are looking for .Click here for the website


Also many have asked was I serious when I said I liked petite women with small hands and feet . The answer to that is …YES VERY MUCH . You also asked was I seriously looking for someone . The answer to that is…uh…maybe . I am not actively looking , but you never know . If you are petite and want to write me…PLEASE DO . I love to talk with my readers when I can . Don’t be shy .

My e-mail is contact@drryles.com