Personal Strange Occurrence At Doctors Office…Any Thoughts ?

From time to time I post true strange things that have happened to me . Here is another one that happened a few weeks ago .

Had a weird occurrence a few weeks ago and wanted to run it past all of you and see what you thought . Do you think this was just some kind of bizarre mistake or do you think it is something Paranormal or something else ? I had an appointment for an Echocardiogram at my Cardiologist office for Oct. 23rd . On Oct. 22nd “ ( a Sunday) I received a call from a woman who said “ You have an appointment with me tomorrow at Dr. ____ Office…I am the woman who does the Echocardiograms” I said “ Yes, I do” She said, “I am very overbooked tomorrow and I don’t know how I am going to work you in…could I possibly reschedule you ?” I said yes and she asked if November the 6th and 2:30 would be OK . I said yes it would and she said “ Thank you so much…you are a lifesaver” . On November 6th I go for the appointment and am told at the front desk that I don’t have an appointment and I also apparently didn’t have an appointment for Oct.23rd either . In fact they have no record of me even being a patient with the doctor . I have been a patient of this doctor for several years . I told them about the call and they asked me to sit down while they checked everything out . A few minutes later a woman came out and asked me what had happened . I told he about the call and she said , “ Sir, I am the only woman here who does Echocardiograms and I did not call you . In fact that call came on a Sunday…our office is closed on Sundays” . She went and asked if anyone else might possibly have called me and no one knew who it could have been since the office was closed . They then told me if I would like to see the doctor I would need to get a referral from my primary care doctor . My Mother was with me and she said ,” Did you talk to the doctor…he knows us and has for years “ She said, “Yes Ma’am I did talk to him and he said you have to get a referral to see him “ We walked out of the office bewildered . So apparently they knew nothing about my first appointment , the re-scheduled appointment , or even who I was and I received a call from their office from a woman claiming to be the Cardiology tech . I looked on my phone and verified that the call had come from their office phone . Thoughts ? Ideas ?