UPDATE : Is CNN Covering Up Michael Jackson Ghost Video ?

PERSONAL NOTE : A few weeks back I posted a video of a Larry King CNN Special on Michael Jackson that many thought ( and many still do think ) contained a scene in which the spirit of Michael himself can be seen. Larry King and his crew explained the supposed spirit sighting as a trick of light in which a crewmember had cast a shadow onto a distant wall . The video below was just brought to my attention. It was posted at YouTube by a 44 year old Canadian that goes by the username of CCPaintball. He recorded the live broadcast and later as his friend watched it he found more strange occurrences in the video. CCPaintball says that the scene he found the new anomaly in can only be found in the original live broadcast and that in later re-broadcasts the scene has been strangely cut out. This is a fact I cannot verify as true or false since I did not see the original live version  or any of the re-broadcasts. I leave it up to each of you as to your thoughts.

Best wishes,

Donald Ryles PhD  


Here are the posters own words : CNN played this video originally Live! I recorded it not knowing what i had just gotten on tape. While my friend watched the tape later that night, he noticed something funny in one of the scenes. We lauphed about the Michael ghost joke but thought nothing of it. Later while searching the net i realized others have seen this strange shadow too. So i slowed it down and sharpened the picture to the best of my ability. Its not much but if gives you something to think about. Is CNN trying to hide something or is it another “accident” caught on film. You decide. Personally after seeing this clip i wasnt convinced but if you watch other clips aired later on CNN, you will see that this section of the film had been cut out or changed. Why would CNN want to hide this??? I dont know, but it seems a little fishy to me.



12 thoughts on “UPDATE : Is CNN Covering Up Michael Jackson Ghost Video ?

  1. I really like this one Donald. Not sure about the shadow on the stairs, but the figure walking past the door ‘felt’ like it could be representational!

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  3. the shadow walking looks very real to me if it was a shadow they caught why is it that it looks like a person walking up right it would be casting the shaow on the wall or the floor not in mid air

  4. I totally believe it was him the momment it was pointed out to me and than that evening i saw the rebroadcast and it was at the exact momment of the interview and i watach and i couldnt believe it how can they say it was someone walking somewhere when you can clearly see the shadow of the appriaction as it walks accross, that is some pretty amazing invisible people that cnn have working for them . i believe it was Michael. i truly do.

  5. I believe its real, and not only because of the video but because a voice from the spirit world said to me one day these words.
    “On Larry King”
    I laughed and said so you are going to appear on Larry King?
    As I wrote earlier Michael has appeared to me on at least three occassions with messages about things he wants carried out on earth, and in the above message he wants me to tell the world, yes its true I am in that Picture.
    News Agencies do at time try to dispute these things because skeptical people still in many cases refuse to admit they believe in Life after Death and the Spirits ability to revisit earth.
    When the physical body dies the spirit with all its intelligence and memories goes to the spirit world and from there it can return time and time again to visit anyone they choose to visit and they want people to know they are alive and acknowledge them so they can continue to share their talents and knowledge with them.
    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if someone with musical talent begins to display some of the same talents that Michael had and it could just be that Michael is working through them.
    That is what Guides do in the Spirit world they find people who share their interest and continue to work through them and this is beneficial to both of them, as their talent never dies.

  6. Well maybe Larry and his team don’t with anyone to profit from this “ghost” clip. I am sure they will release a video about it for xmas…hell why not everyone else is cashing in on Michael. Death pays.

  7. Its Def. Michael !!!! I’m sure of it . So sweet even after death he’s trying to make people happy .

  8. In the end Michael was said to hate Neverland due to the negative memories concerning child sex allegations. Therefore I´belive this film to be a hoax as Michael is said to hoax his own death. I can clearly see his reasons for it. The purpose with this film is entirely to hidaway his death hoax. It is simply a photo trick!

  9. I am just wondering why we even try to pay attention to the dead? If they are stuck here as some say, it is of their own choosing.

  10. In my opinion they are not stuck anywhere but are free to travel about anywhere they choose as far as I can tell and they want to drop in on their friends and relatives, and they can be watching us whether we know it or not.

    They do try to get out attention and communicate in the right way, but as we know most humans believe they are out hanging around in old abandoned buildings and graveyards but nothing could be further from the truth.

    They come to families anniversaries and birthday parties and funerals and wait for loved ones when they die and together they see how their frinds and realtives are behaving on earth and sometimes they try to help them and communicate with them and appear to them and when they do they run screaming afraid to talk to them because humans have been taught only earthbound spirits and or demons are near the earth.

    When spirits of the dead die they take with them all their intelligence and as such great minds can channell back through those are receptive to them and not afraid of them and they can continue with the good works they never had a chance to finish when they died too soon.

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