200,000 Year Old Angel Statue Found on the Moon ?

200,000 Year Old Statue Found On Moon
WASHINGTON, DC – A noted scientist has just produced proof that the lunar surface was inhabited by intelligent life: a 10-inch angel sculpture embedded in a moon rock.



5 thoughts on “200,000 Year Old Angel Statue Found on the Moon ?

  1. Any one who read “Chariots of the Gods” should be able to estimate that we weren’t the only civilization to reside here in the far past.

  2. After reading Dark Moon I think the evidence is pretty strong the alleged moonwalks were a hoax, based on film, shadow angles, infill lighting etc.

    And a documentary years ago of the astronauts landing on the moon shows a passing lunar crater that exactly matches a bomb crater at Area 51.

    So these rocks likely came from earth and were submitted as moonrocks.

  3. I find all this intriguing. True? Fake? We don’t know. If this was a true artifact placed on the moon 200,000 years ago then why hasn’t this “article” been exposed in science magazines etc. Keep it under wraps?!

    I want to believe that this is all true, I really do. And let’s say that it is true, then this means that those blurred out NASA photos of the moon (apparently building-like structures) have a connection with this civilisation which once existed on the moon.

    Spielberg should make a movie on this…

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